LisseCakes Rainbows and Unicorn Poop Gingerbread House Icing Decorations

  • $14.99

Be inspired!!  Make your Gingerbread House Magical as easy as 1,2,3!  Get these adorable Gingerbread House Royal Icing Decorations by LissieCakes and design your Gingerbread House anyway you want.  These decorations are suitable for any standard Gingerbread House.   
  • LissieCakes Rainbows and Unicorn Poop Gingerbread House Sugar Decorations
    • 1 - Unicorn Rainbow Door (2.5 " x 1.5")
    • 4 - Yellow Windows with Unicorn Rainbow Garland (3 cm x 3 cm)
    • 2 - Pink Wreaths with Gold Star (1.4" tall)
    • 2 - Unicorn Colors Christmas Trees with Gold Star (1.5" Tall)
    • 1 - Unicorn Rainbow with Cloud - 3"tall x 2"wide
    • 1 - Unicorn Snowman (3" Tall)
This is a custom, hand made product.  Please note sizes and colors may vary slightly.  Item available for both shipping and pickup in the local DFW area.  Please arrange pickup time or check calendar for pickup locations.