Gingerbread House Kit Instructions

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Here are some simple instructions for getting started with our Build It Yourself Gingerbread House Kits;


Icing Preparation - Massage piping bag of white icing gently. Use scissors to clip the tip of the piping bag to approximately 1/4". Squeeze icing through open end. (White icing is stiffer than color icing and is included in kit to assemble gingerbread house. Color icing is decorating icing, less stiff and primarily should be used to decorate house)

Gingerbread House Assembly - Assembling the gingerbread house before attaching to cake board is recommended. 6 parts should be included in kit (2 front/back, 2 sides, 2 roofs). Begin with attaching 1 side part to front part of house by squeezing a line of white icing on the side of either part. Hold for 30 - 60 sec to let icing set. If needed, let dry longer to set in place before performing next step. Attach back part to side, then the second side part between front and back part. Finally, Roof parts should be attached, one on each side by squeezing a line of white icing on the top of the side parts, then squeeze a line of white icing where the roof parts meet to complete house. Roof hangs slightly over sides. Remember to use royal icing to attach each part and hold until set. You can use props to help hold in place while drying. Let dry at least 15 to 30 minutes.

Decorating the house - Just have fun! There are lots of cool, custom sugar decorations and Christmas themed candy and sprinkles included in your kit. Use color or white royal icing to attach your decorations any way you want.

Attaching house to cake board - Your kit includes a round cake board. Ensure your house is dry. Squeeze a generous amount of royal icing on the board in a square shape close to the size of the base of the house. Lift house carefully and place on top of board using the royal icing square as your guide. Let dry about 5 to 10 minutes to ensure house is secure. It is recommended that house is secured to board after decorating but you can do what works best for you.

Note - Royal icing fully dries in 12 - 24 hours so be careful handling house during drying time.

Watch Instructional Video at for more details.


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